If you’ve ever watched Selling Houses Australia and thought, ‘geez I’d love to give my ugly digs a makeover’… guess what.

Casting is now open for Foxtel’s real estate juggernaut.

Why do up your sluggish listing yourself when you can get Charlie Albone, Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze to do it for you?

The casting page states, “Selling Houses Australia are always searching for homes that will offer fresh challenges for the team.”

“They’ve been hit with just about every real estate nightmare from onsite pylons to flood affected homes, to inner-city hovels but there are always more testing property scenarios out there and more homeowners in unique circumstances.”

See? They’ve done hovels, which means your gross digs could be absolutely perfect!

Thing is, your house must be on the market to qualify and must remain on the market after the makeover until it sells.


Keen to apply? Click here!

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