Some people are paying the ultimate price when taking the perfect selfie.

Like tennis elbow or golfers elbow, SELFIE elbow is now a thing. No seriously!

It was brought to light by the award winning journalist Hoda Kotb, who presented to her doctor with a pain in her elbow.

“I went to the orthopedist and he said, ‘Are you playing tennis or ping-pong?’ And of course I’m not, so I told him I was taking selfies,” she tells

“When you take the picture, your arm is up, bent in a weird way and you just click, click, click—think about how many you take: 20, 30, or 40. Selfie elbow, everyone has it!” she added.

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The recommended treatment is icing the elbow and doing certain exercises.

And Hoda is not alone, apparently more and more people are beginning to experience selfie elbow.

The problem being that if you use something over and over again, the repetitive nature of the action will end up putting a strain on the area.

Maybe it’s time to step away from the selfie!

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