Lacey and Banks Farris had been struggling with unexplained infertility, had suffered a late miscarriage and had also been through a failed adoption. 

So, when they were able to successfully adopt a baby girl at birth, the filmed themselves introducing their little girl, Finley, to their extended family in a now-viral video… 

Talking to, Lacey said “waiting was the most difficult thing”. 

“No one is going to know how you feel unless they have gone through it. All the tears and all the prayers – when you finally get what you were longing for – it is so worth it. Waiting through the darkest moments is so hard.” 

Lacey and Banks were connected with Finley’s birthday mother through, an online adoption matching service. 

It’s understood that throughout the pregnancy, Lacey and Banks developed a close relationship with the birth mum and when she gave birth, the couple were there straight away to begin caring for Finley. 


“The reveal was incredible. For Finley to grow up and see how happy everyone was to see her – it meant everything. It was so cool to have our family 100 percent behind us”.