When Imguy user Mommybrittaney ‘s son cut his forehead, like any mum would, she did her best to make him feel better about it. 

She wrote on the site: He cut his head because I was doing laundry and he decided the pile of clothes in his room looked too fun for him not to jump on. So he jumped and slipped and hit his head on the edge of the bed frame. He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn’t want to leave the house and be seen with it.

Dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct. He loves to dress up and already had the round glasses for the days he wants to dress up as Spengler from Ghostbusters. 


WELL, we certainly know who we think the best mum award goes to this week! 

The post has since been viewed over 150,000 times and has racked almost 400 comments. 


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