Are you a massive Potterhead but can’t afford tickets to Harry Potter & The Cursed Child? We feel you, and we’ve got some magical news for you!

Fans can now enter a ballot to win tickets! From Monday to Friday, theatre-goers can enter a ballot to win $40 tickets. Every Friday, 40 tickets are released to the ballot winners. But, there’s a catch – you’ve only got one hour to claim your $40 tickets. Since the show is separated into two parts, it’ll total to $80 per person, which is cheap as chips compared to the original price.

From Monday at 12:01am to Friday at 1:00pm, you’ll be able to enter the ballot. Winners will be announced between 1:00pm and 5:00pm every Friday. 

We’re crossing our fingers for you (… and a few spells too). 

Good luck, Potterheads! 

Enter the ballot here

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