A school in northern Malaysia has shut down due to ‘mass hysteria’ over a supposed ghost, caught on camera. 

The hysteria started last week when several students and teachers at the school in the city of Kota Bharu, claimed they’d seen spirits or had supernatural experiences. 

So the school authorities made the decision to shut the school and call in Islamic traditional experts, scholars and even with doctors to assess the situation. 

By Sunday, the school had reopened and the school officials said things had gone back to normal however questions remain and the case continues to generate huge interest in Malaysia. 

In fact, images of a black figure and blood-curling screams can still reportedly be heard from the classrooms. 


Teachers at the school were quoted by Free Malaysia Today saying “things were truly out of control at the time … I then felt as though someone was hanging on to the left side of my body. I saw flashes of black, like a black figure”. 

This isn’t the first time a sense of hysteria or ghost presence has been felt by a school community. 

In September 2013, 20 high school students in the Philippines claimed they were ‘possessed’ by evil spirits. 



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