Ali Oetjen’s been crushing the challenges in SAS Australia and the nation is impressed.

Ali’s ‘interrogation’ where she broke down over her break up with Taite Radley has raised eyebrows.

She’s shown tearing up while being questioned by one of the instructors, revealing her feelings of emptiness after losing Radley who she said she considered her ‘soulmate.’

“I still think he is my soulmate; our timelines are different… I kind of feel a bit empty.”

She discusses the break up and why things didn’t work out.

Oetjen realised Taite “didn’t want the same things” out of the relationship.

Ali began filming for the reality show just a few weeks after the break up occurred and Taite had something to say about it to Daily Mail.


“It would have been nice to hear it from her,” he told the publication.

“She hasn’t spoken to me about anything since she left… I guess I have to wait and see what’s on tonight I think she is in a stage of her life where she is really finding herself truly.”

According to the interview Taite was surprised that their break-up was even being used to emotionally ‘manipulate’ Ali.

Whether it’s because he doesn’t know how reality television works or because he didn’t think the break up with of note, I’m not sure!

But he obviously understands that Ali’s on her own journey on this show.

“She’s not trying to be someone for someone she’s with to make them happy, she’s just trying to find her true self. When she does find that, the right person will come along and I wish her nothing but happiness. It obviously hurts seeing her so upset but I know it’s just part of her journey.”

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