By all accounts, Sam Frost’s debut as The Bachelorette last night was a huge success. The majority of men who stepped out of the limo were good-looking, successful in their career and definitely into Sam. There were even a few who Sam found pretty impressive *cough* Sasha *cough* whom betting people might want to keep their eye on.

But, Frost has told Sydney Confidential that her new beau (who is hush hush right now, obviously) doesn’t tick all the ‘wish list’ boxes she had before filming. She’s hasn’t said what those boxes contained, but we’re hoping the ones he does have include ‘won’t run off with a quasi-ex.’ Nevertheless, it appears that Sam today, four months after filming, is much happier with her choice this time around.

‘It’s been so hard not to talk about it,’ she said. ‘I’m very happy.’

Speaking of her emotional reminiscing in last night’s episode regarding the public breakup with last year’s Bachelor Blake Garvey, Sam admitted her tears were a surprise to even her.

‘It wasn’t until I went back to the (Bachelor) house and sat in the interview chair to talk about the break up with Blake that I realised how raw I still felt about it,’ she said. ‘I thought at the time that I was ready. But it was the process itself of being The Bachelorette and meeting all these guys is what helped me heal.’

‘I’m really looking forward to the point now where I can move on and start a new chapter with someone who is more deserving.’


Source: The Daily Telegraph

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