When Kyle and Jackie O broke the news that The Bachelor’s Sam and Blake’s break up, their split went viral – human interest poured in, with Australia wanting to know… WHAT really happened between the two?!

Well tonight in an exclusive interview, Blake and Sam revealed in their own words, why they split, who was at fault, and who Blake is dating now…

And it certainly seems Sam has been quite hurt – revealing Blake is the one who called off the marriage and the relationship.

Blake revealed to Carrie that it wasn’t right in the end, and organised to catch up with Sam in person.

Of all things, Sam is just simply confused as to why Blake decided on the grand gesture of proposing to her, especially if he wasn’t sure.

“I was caught up in the moment… It was right at the time,” Blake told Carrie Bickmore of his proposal in South Africa.


“Why would he propose?” Sam told Carrie.

“What a joke.”

It sounds like Sam is pretty much just angry now, explaining she feels “numb” towards Blake now.

And the question on everybody’s lips – Is there somebody else?

Apparently he’s too heartbroken to even think about something like that right now.

Of course, the Project audience erupted with laughter when he said this. Because no.




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