Ryan Reynolds was promoting the release of Deadpool on Valentine’s Day weekend and revealed that filming the sex scenes was “funny and horrifying at times”.

He spoke to TheFix in Sydney and the 39-year-old said filming the extensive scene was a less than sexy experience.

“There’s a rather large, grandiose sex montage in the movie, but it’s not as titillating as it is just funny and horrifying at times,” he said.

“It was a year’s worth of sex in one day … which sounds a lot more romantic than it is, trust me.”

The character, Deadpool, is an anti-hero and has a racy, cheeky sense of humour.

“I have a filthy sense of humor that I freely input into the character of Deadpool,” Reynolds said. “But you never wanna get mean with your humor, like, that’s where I sort of draw the line … a lot of the Deadpool humor is self-effacing. He’s making fun of himself and I’m making fun of myself – regularly.” 


We can’t wait until this hits the cinemas!

H/T People

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