Warning: Unconfirmed spoilers ahead!

We’re at the end of the line.

Tonight and tomorrow night are the very last episodes of this season of The Bachelor and what a season it’s been!

It feels like years ago that we had the gorgeous Zoe-Clare have a little break down about being a red head….

I sure have missed Areeba’s crazy eyes on my screen.

According to some super sneaky insider information, Daily Mail has reported that the finale will be absolutely chaotic even in comparison to the Honey Badger’s season!

According to the publication, Locky is rejected by who he picks and then goes crawling back to his runner-up.


.Ew, that seems in bad taste Mr Gilbert.

Apparently Locky chooses Bella, but Bella rejects him because she can’t accept he’s also in love with Irena.

WE DON’T KNOW THIS FOR FACT, but if that happens, it’ll be a juicy end of the season!

The Bachelor finale week starts tonight  7:30pm on Channel 10

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