Rumer Willis feels she was unfairly treated by photographers who Photoshopped her jawline in an image taken during a recent shoot.

The 27-year-old actress and her sisters, Scout and Tallulah, were recently photographed for Vanity Fair magazine by snappers Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa.

The stunning image features the siblings posing inside of a vintage car but Rumer was left unhappy after viewing the image close-up.

“Any friends of fans of mine who posted this, I would appreciate if you took it down,” she wrote on her Instagram account on Tuesday in a caption attached to the photo.

“The photographer Photoshopped my face to make my jaw smaller and I find it really offensive for anyone to try and change the way you look so drastically. I love the way I look and I won’t support anyone who would feel a need to change the way I look to make me beautiful. Whether or not they realize it, it is a form of bullying, which I won’t stand for.”

Rumer and her sisters are the daughters of Hollywood A-listers Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.


As Rumer’s star rises in the entertainment industry, she has often been compared to her superstar parents, something she grew resilient to after being followed by paparazzi most of her life.

“I found a different confidence because I realised that you can’t base your self-worth on the opinions of others,” she previously told ET Online, noting things have changed tremendously since the introduction of social media.

“When I was a kid you didn’t have Twitter or Instagram where as soon as you walk out of a building a photo of you is up within two minutes or a million people are commenting and saying nasty things.”

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