Actress Ruby Rose has called for online trolls to focus their abuse solely on her rather than her family and friends.

The Orange is the New Black star has revealed an online user told the mother of girlfriend Harley Gusman she should have terminated Harley when she was pregnant, so Ruby took to Twitter to tell trolls to leave her loved ones alone and if they must spread hate, direct it at her.

“Trolls.. TROLL ME,” she tweeted. “Do not troll family members of my friends it’s so sad and disgraceful. There is enough hate in the world. Stop.”

The actress and DJ then posted a note of a checklist she mentally goes through when she reads abuse online to stop it from bringing her down.

The list includes questions including, “Am I a good person? Do I have a family that loves me?… Do I have an amazing career I never dreamed of?” and she concludes, “Then I think of who the people are on the other end… And realize they don’t effect (sic) my answers to any of the above.”


In the caption she added, “The Internet has the ability to bring us together, change the world and how we think and treat one another.. But it’s sadly more often used to bring people down…with everything going on in the world.. Maybe we need to adjust our priorities.”

A number of users took her tweets to be indirectly about the feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, who have been embroiled in a war of words for months regarding whether Taylor gave approval to the lyrics of the rapper’s song Famous.

Kim released footage proving that the singer did give permission, after months of denials, and Taylor blasted Kim for painting her as a liar and assassinating her character.

Ruby insisted her posts were “zero percent” about the feud, and made the revelation about Harley’s mum to prove her point.

“It’s not subliminally about someone else,” she concluded. “It’s for me, for anyone who needs it and because I feel strongly about bullying / trolling.”



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