Roxy Jacenko has been in headlines this week after her controversial appearance on SAS Australia Monday night where she left after only 6 hours.

The PR mogul revealed to Daily Mail Australia that she’d actually joined OnlyFans.

The site is known for content creators selling x-rated images and videos via a subscription service.

It can be quite lucrative for some!

Jacenko admitted that while she did make an account, it has absolutely no content on it at this point in time, Roxy also admitted it’s very tempting…

She told the publication that she was approached to make the account because “OnlyFans is now trying to change their platform to be … not just girls with big breasts and lingerie. But to focus on music, fashion and lifestyle.”

“I was approached by the UK office of OnlyFans to get an account…The entrepreneur in me is thinking: ‘I could make money from people signing up.'”

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