Rhianna has ALWAYS stunned on the red carpet, whether its at the Met Gala or the Grammys – RiRi KNOWS how to work an outfit.

But its her latest look that is causing some controversy, and seems to be tearing social media apart.




The Grammy winner appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Chinese Magazine dressed in Asian floral patterns and matching hair and makeup

Part of the caption reads “western style icon meets eastern aesthetic”, which caused many to take to social media.


“so nodoby gunna call rihanna out for cultural appropriation … hmm I see,” said one Twitter user.

But others were happy to jump to the singer’s defense.

“This is not cultural appropriation!” said another Twitter user, “It’s appreciation. Clearly, Rihanna is paying homage, respect and acknowledging Chinese culture, as styled by Chinese stylists, approved by Chinese editors. Conclusion: Yes, you CAN wear other culture’s clothing. Just be mindful of it!”

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