Every day we put on a brave face pretending everything is okay but really we’re just thinking, ‘when is Rihanna going to give us a new album?!’.

And we’re not alone. Literally every single RiRi fan is out here begging for the singer to release her next album.

But instead of giving us what we desperately want, Rihanna is out here teasing the heck out of all of us!

Over on Instagram, the ‘Diamonds’ singer was posting about her latest line of sunglasses from her brand Fenty, when the comments section was quickly flooded with questions about the album.

“WHERES THE ALBUM” wrote one fan, with the single comment getting over 3,000 likes.

RiRi decided to respond, but instead of putting us out of our misery with a date or even a clue, she simply replied, “I lost it”.


Um, Rihanna, girl, this is not okay!

We can’t wait any longer! We’ve done our waiting! Four long years of it (In Azkaban… Or at least it feels like that).


Despite Rihanna’s cheeky reply, she couldn’t shut down all the fans and the album comments just kept on coming.


“so… where is the album?” wrote one person. “I mean… sheesh where the music?” another added.

“Does these come with the album?” joked another.

Safe to say the album is the only thing on the brain of Rihanna fans!

Of course, despite her teasing we know RiRi has been working hard on new music, and even released a slight teaser by featuring on a song with PartyNextDoor back in March this year.

Speaking with British Vogue recently she said, I can’t say when I’m going to drop. But I am very aggressively working on music”.

Well we’re aggressively working on our patience over here RiRi but we’re about to snap! Just give us what we all want!

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