The gorgeous Ricki-Lee Coulter dropped an awe-inspiring 30 kilograms back in 2009 slipping from a size 14 to a size 8!

The singer-songwriter hosted a small Q & A on her Instagram over the weekend, sharing her secret to dropping the weight.

In an almost carb-free diet, the singer ate primarily fruit, veg, chicken, fish with red meat only once a week!

Following a tight daily regime, Ricki-Lee stated she eats the same brekkie and lunch every day but switches it up at dinner time.

Breakfast is a banana and coffee with soy milk with a healthy mid-morning snack of nectarine, orange or red seedless grapes.

Lunch is a mixed bowl of salad, hummus, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, canned tuna drizzled with ginger sauce.

Dinner is where she switches it up between peanut butter chicken in lettuce cups or with broccoli, a Mexican chicken salad bowl with guacamole and hot sauce, Thai red chicken curry with vegetables or grilled chicken with Buffalo sauce!


When it’s her weekly red meat day, she either has a Steak with green beans and grilled cherry tomatoes or lamb cutlets with lemon broccolini and sweet potato.

This alongside 3-4 litres a day of water seems to be the secret to her weight loss!

Ricki-Lee’s natural figure is curvy, so combining a low carb diet with a good workout routine did her wonders and because she did it the right way, she’s managed to keep the kilos off!

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