Former Block contestant Yvonne Cosier has revealed that she hasn’t spoken with former Block partner Suzi Taylor since the finale. 

Voni walked the red carpet at the Logies on Sunday noticeably alone and it is believed that Suzi was not invited to the TV Awards. 

Speaking to AAP, Voni said “No I haven’t” spoken to her. 

However Voni insists that their lack of communication shouldn’t be read into because the pair were not particularly close before the appeared on The Block. 

“We don’t have all that much in common. We will remain part of the industry together and cross paths. 

“There are lengths and distances between us but at the end of the day without the two of us combined, we would not have been on the show. It was an experience I will never experience again.” 

While it previously seemed like the pair were lifelong best friends, it’s understood that in fact, they were only ever acquaintances who met on the set of TV series BeastMaster, which was filmed on the Gold Coast. 


The official Facebook page of Suzi and Voni has also been changed to ‘Voni Cosier’ and only features content directly related to Voni. 

Taylor was the centre of attention after she stripped down to a pink g-string and posed topless for photos on a boat after last year’s Oaks Day races. 

Four days later, the former glamour model was discovered unconscious post collapse, suffering from exhaustion. 



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