Recently a bunch of former Glee cast members have come out against Lea Michele, who played Rachel Berry on the show, claiming that the actress allegedly misbehaved towards them on set.

The allegations came after Michele posted a message of support for the Black Lives Matter movement following George Floyd’s death in the US, with some cast members claiming that Michele was dismissive, abusive and at times racists towards them.

Since then, a seriously awkward interview moment between Lea and former Glee co-star Amber Riley has resurfaced, seemingly showing the tension that was present on set.

Before you watch it, just a warning, this is seriously going to make you CRINGE!

The interview was from 2011 during the Glee Live concert tour, and the pair were asked about the best and worst parts about touring with the cast.


Lea took the reigns and gave her answer while her co-star Amber remained silent. Although her blank facial expressions and side-eye certainly speaks volumes…

“Umm… the best thing about being on tour is that we really all do get along, thank god, so we get to have a lot of fun with each other,” Lea said.

“The worst thing about being on tour? It’s definitely hard being away from our real family. This is our extended, new family,” she added, gesturing to Amber.

The interviewer then asked Amber, “And for you?” to which she simply answers, “same”.

The interview was recently tweeted with the caption, “The tension in this video makes me itchy” and seriously SAME! It’s so awkward!

Amber Riley hasn’t spoken out against Michele like some of the other Glee stars although she did post a somewhat telling GIF in response to claims by Samantha Ware.


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