It’s safe to say that Australia is pretty obsessed with reality show Gogglebox.

It’s such a simple concept, us watching people on TV watch TV, but somehow it works and it’s actually super entertaining!

While the various couples and families that have appeared on the long-running reality show have practically become stars themselves now, it now looks like a spin-off of the show could be coming with actual celebrities!

According to TV blackbox, plans are in place for a Celebrity Gogglebox and they claim that it will actually air on our screens in September!

Apparently initial plans for the show were being thrown around before the coronavirus pandemic took over, but Foxtel is still planning to go ahead with the show as they ensure everyone maintains social distancing.


As for who would appear on this Celeb version of the show, TV Blackbox actually reckons that our very own Jackie O is being rumoured to be amongst the cast!

They say that because of her current relationship with Channel 10 for The Masked Singer, which is where Gogglebox airs on free-to-air, there wouldn’t be any contractual issues in working on the Foxtel-produced show.

TV Blackbox approached Foxtel about the rumours but they declined to comment.

How good would this be?! Plus Jackie loves watching all of the latest TV shows so she would be so good for this role!


Fingers crossed it’s more than rumours and actually happens!

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