Who doesn’t love a bit of a humblebrag on Instagram?

Especially when you can share a photo of yourself on top of a mountain giving a good ol’ fist pump!

Well it would seem even Rebel Wilson isn’t immune to sharing some fitspiration, taking to Instagram to show off her latest achievement.

After spending four days at The Ranch 4.0 in Malibu, our Aussie fave happily revealed she’s shed 8 pounds (or 3.6kg to the rest of us).

A fitness and wellness retreat, The Ranch is known as a luxury, residential weight loss camp.


Think spas, massages, comfy beds and fluffy doonas, beautiful pools, organic home-grown produce…

Of course there’s the other side which includes in Rebel’s own words “marathon hikes”.

Really, after checking out this place, we’re surprised she hasn’t shared more pics of kale ice-cream, stunning sunsets and exotic treatments.

Because we would have!