We’ve all been following Rebel Wilson’s life closely this year in awe.

The woman’s been openly sharing her weight-loss journey online and has already lost almost 20kgs so far!

Speaking to Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show the actress went into a bit of detail on why she decided to start her ‘year of health’.

Following Wilson’s 40th birthday in March, she decided it was time to take control “I don’t know whether it’s a thing with ladies when you turn 40, I feel like I really have come into my own now and not just with health but with my career.”

Can we also talk about how YOUNG she looks for 40?! Incredible.

“I was going all around the world, jet setting everywhere and eating a ton of sugar that was kind of my vice. I have a very sweet tooth, I love desserts.”

“I’ve tried, like so many women out there, fads and diets and things before and I’m like, ‘I need to do a really holistic approach this time.’ I think what I mainly suffered from was emotional eating and dealing with the stress of becoming famous internationally. There is a lot of stress that comes with it and I guess my way of dealing with it was just like eating donuts.”


“So I was working on the mental side of things of why was I doing that and why was I not valuing myself and having better self-worth. And then, also on the nutritional side my diet was mainly all carbs, which are delicious, but for my body type I needed to eat more protein.”

She goes on to talk about how her control comes with the ability to produce movies and have a lot more control of the content she puts out.

“I just feel like everything seems to be coming together, maybe I’m a later bloomer or something but I’m slowly getting it together.”

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