There’s nothing funnier for Mums than when their kids begin talking, and some words just don’t sound right.

And it’s the same for everyone but with different words.

On this afternoon’s 3 PM Pick Up, Monty was telling Rebecca Judd about her son Arlo who cannot say ‘fart’ wrong before he needs to go to the loo!

He will always say ‘I fud’ and Monty says she ‘never wants to correct it.’’

However, Judd is the complete opposite.

Judd,  trained speech pathologist, says her daughter ‘fronts her sounds’, which is when they speak from the back of her throat and not the front, apparently most two-year-olds have the same problem!

When her Billie says ‘sick’, she accidently says ‘dick’ instead. OH DEAR!


Bec says she is trying to get Billie to get the word right, but it’s hard!

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