It’s the case of the real life Gone Girl!

Jennifer Alzarez reportedly attempted to fake her own kidnapping in a bid to get out of having to organise her boyfriend’s birthday, according to reports on

When the man returned home on Tuesday night, he noticed that his girlfriend and two of his guns were nowhere to be seen. There was also blood on the floor.

He called the cops, and then this happened…

[The boyfriend] told deputies that Alvarez had stayed at his home the night before. He said he left his residence on Tuesday to take her home, but instead dropped her off at a house in Arizona City.
Deputies then went to Alvarez’s residence and found her at home. They said she told two vastly different stories as to why she went missing.
PCSO spokesman Jim Knupp said the first related to her feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to plan her boyfriend’s birthday party, which was set to occur on Monday night, so she left. She explained that a dental filling “fell out,” which caused her mouth to bleed.

Stage a kidnapping, or just break up the guy?! Alzarez chose the first option, and decided to stage her own kidnapping – but it gets weirder.

When the cop questioned this story, she changed her tune and said that actually two men had come over and stolen her boyfriend’s guns and so she, fearing her boyfriend would be angry with her, decided to scratch up her own gums to create a trail of blood to throw him off her scent. After this version of the story was questioned, she apparently created a third version with all together different details.


Needless to say, the Sheriff is pressing charges against Alzarez!

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