Once cast on a season of The Bachelor, there is a very strict social media policy, including posting absolutely zero spoilers or show outcomes.

Lips mcgee Rachael Arahill, the 23-year-old personal trainer may have just ignored that policy! This week she changed her profile pic from a Ten-sanctioned Bachelor portrait to a sexy bikini pic.

To most people IRL, this wouldn’t mean anything but in Reality TV world, this is a very big deal!

During their time on the show, contestants must agree to keep their social media content 100% show focused, only making posts approved by Channel 10 until they’re eliminated.

Rachael’s connection to all this rule talk is that her recent profile pic update may indicate she’s potentially leaving the mansion soon!

This possible mishap comes amidst a NW report that Rachael was caught flirting with one of the show producers during her time at the Bachie mansion.

A source tells the outlet, “She had no shame, but for everyone else, it was really uncomfortable to watch.”


The source also claims that fellow contestant Mary found a love letter Rachael had written to said producer and took it to Matt resulting in another drama filled “cocktail party”… Oooh juicy stuff!

Tune in Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm on Ten.


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