Bachie fans would know that last night’s episode was filled with all the drama!

Following a lot of rumours, it was finally revealed that one of the girls in the running for Matt’s heart, Rachael, had actually been pursuing a crew member on the side.

After Matt found out he was kinda furious and as a result, she was booted from the competition before the rose ceremony even took place.

But the one thing we all wanted to know was, WHO THE HECK IS THIS CREW MEMBER?!

Rachael joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning following her eviction to give us all the goss! She revealed that it wasn’t just a producer or a camera man… It was actually Matt’s minder!


“He was essentially Matt’s housemate,” Rachael told us this morning. “So the guy that looks after him yeah. He was hot.”

Rachael continued to tell us that nothing actually happened with the mystery minder but did reveal that he had a girlfriend at the time of filming.

“He has a girlfriend,” she continued. “I don’t think it was really that reciprocated but he’d definitely have a chat with me here and there. It was more a flirty thing on my behalf. He got around it though. He was definitely a little bit interested.”

As for how the minder got Rachael’s number, she told us that it wasn’t actually her who gave it to him! She actually blamed one of the other girls in the house.

“Honestly I didn’t try and slip it to him, one of the girls must’ve done it but I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done it myself,” she said.

Crazy stuff! Especially seeing how close Matt actually was with his minder! He told Kyle and Jackie O when he joined us in studio before the show actually started that his minder became like his best friend.


“I’ve got a minder who kind of just is there. There job is basically to be your mate,” Matt told us previously. “It’s good because you’re with them the whole time so you build up a pretty strong friendship and it’s someone you can lean on and vent to.”


Well that’s got to be pretty awkward for their friendship now…

Although we don’t exactly blame Rachael seeing as she didn’t really have much of a connection with Matt in the first place.

Check out more from our chat with Rachael from The Bachelor in the video above!

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