Huge news, guys:  Dua Lipa is releasing her new album this week!

The Don’t Start Now singer took to Instagram Stories to announce that her new album, Future Nostalgia, will come out a week early on Friday March 27.

“What I wanted to talk about is my album and every time I talk about my album, I get quite emotional and I feel like I have been welling up a little bit, just a lot over the past couple of weeks, just because of the uncertainty over everything,” a tearful Dua said.

“I have been conflicted about putting music out, whether it is the right thing to do, because people are suffering.”

However, she said she hopes the album will “bring joy in a time like this.”


“I hope [the album] brings you some happiness, and I hope it makes you smile, and I hope it makes you dance. I hope I make you proud,” the singer said.

While you wait for the album to drop, listen to Dua’s hits on iHeartRadio:

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