Speak to any mother and more than likely she’ll tell you, being pregnant is hard work!

And though men try their best to understand – they just don’t really get it, do they?

Well, that’s about to change (kind of.)

For the next month, three British men will be wearing an ’empathy belly’ in a bid to feel what it’s like to be nine months pregnant.

The belly weighs around 14 kilograms (similar to a full term pregnancy) and will help to simulate life as a women who is about to give birth.

The three men, Steve Hanson, Jonny Biggins and Jason Bramley came up with the idea during a meeting to discuss a they are collaborating on called, The Book of Mum.


According to an article in Cosmopolitan, it was something they felt they just had to do. “We were discussing ideas of how [to show gratitude to mothers],” says Hanson, “and thought: What if we could become pregnant, or as near as we could be? The thought became an idea which turned into a dare, and now there’s no going back.”

The men are around 10 days into their 30 day challenge, and have been posting updates on their website, 3PregnantDads.com

The suits, which they wear for 24 hours a day, even sleeping in them, are their way of giving back to women.


“There aren’t enough flowers in the world to thank our mums for what they’ve done for us,” says Bramley. “We hope that this challenge will show them how much we truly appreciate them. It’s gonna be a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of pain (thankfully, minus the labor part!)”

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