Footage has been floating around the internet of our beloved Post Malone who seems quite out of it, stumbling and falling on stage. 

Twitter is abuzz with fans concerned about the 24 year olds well-being.

One fan compiled footage that shows Post Malone’s concerning behaviour. 


Whilst one half of his fans are worried for his health, the other half are not concerned, saying it’s part of his performance. 

Postie has always been quite open with his drug and alcohol consumption. 

He no longer smokes marijuana but continues to drink, although he had to take a two week break in December because “there was not a second of not-inebriation” he told GQ. 

Which means he definitely has a drinking problem.

He has since come out and said that he’s not on drugs, but that’s not good enough for some of his fans.


What do you reckon? Does he need help or is it part of the act?

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