PJ’s upcoming match just got a whole lot harder after her opponent Tayla Harris claimed victory by TKO last night.

Harris’ rival Renee Gartner spoke to Jase & PJ about the match and gave her hot tips on how to take on the former AFLW star.

Jase kicked off the interview by asking PJ whether her training time is enough.

“Renee, you’re saying 8 weeks is a short time, how many weeks have you been training?” he said

“Uhh, probably about 7,” responded a nervous PJ.

But Renee Gartner calmed her nerves by saying  “Whenever I studied for an exam, those short sharp last-minute lessons were always the best.”

“Renee, let’s get down to the hard nitty-gritty stuff, what do I need to watch out for, what are her weak spots?” asked PJ.


“So first and foremost I had ‘bubbles’ on my mouthguard, because ‘bubbles’ is one word you can’t say when you’re angry.

“I had it on my mouthguard, and post-fight she said ‘halfway through I tried reading your mouthguard because I didn’t know what was on it’

“So Get something really wordy on your mouthguard,

Jase offered an idea: “Should we project different things up? Little emoji faces, that sort of thing, jokes?”

” Ooh I like that, distract her with the mouthguard,” exclaimed PJ.

Gartner continued by saying: “Maybe switch it up between rounds with different mouthguards.”


Jase wanted to know what was Harris’ biggest asset, and whether it was her pace and speed.

“She’s an amazing athlete! She’s fast, she’s really strong – but PJ i’ve heard really good things about you. And what you’re doing right now is perfect!” exclaimed Gartner.

“Okay, i’ve got another quick question, Renee,” PJ asked, “I did notice there was a bit of a height difference between you two, and this is my concern because I’m about  165cm tall – How tall are you?!

“I’m 5’11”, I think there might have been maybe a 4cm difference between us”

“You’re 5’11”?! I’m about 5’4″

” Body shots babe, Body shots! You know how you cut wood from a tree? You don’t go from the very top of the tree do you, you go for the middle!”


PJ takes on Tayla Harris on September 5 in a charity match, keep listening to KIIS101.1 for all the details.