PJ’s been training for the fight of the century!

Tonight, she takes on AFLW star Tayla Harris in the boxing ring to fight against online bullying.

And In the lead up to the big night, PJ’s undergone an intensive 8-week training program, and with it, a massive shakeup to her diet.

What’s her new go-tos?

Every morning for the past few weeks PJ has come into work and swapped out her Uber Eats breakfast for a simple home-cooked snack.

She brings in her meal in a little reusable container, and once it’s cracked open, the smell wafts through the entire studio at 6am, but she insists “it’s for training!”


Hard-boiled eggs!

They’re an easy way to jam-pack your morning with the protein you need, and are an easy way to get your morning protein fix.

But she shakes it up with an all-natural coconut yoghurt, topped with fresh berries to really make it a sweet treat.

But what about the guilty pleasures?

What about the food we always indulge in?

Is that okay?


Turns out, it is! … Every now and then.

A cheeky burger or two has managed to slip into the diet, and there’s “always room for chocolate!” says PJ.

As for the ‘cheeky lemonades’, PJ hasn’t had a drink in over two weeks leading up to the big night.

She says it’s important to stay focused when working towards any goal.




After the fight though, she admitted that “the thing I’m looking forward to the most is a glass of wine!”

“I’m going to miss my coaches, my team.

“I’ll definitely continue boxing or some sort of strength training.

“It’s fun!


PJ Harding is getting in the ring with AFLW star Tayla Harris to fight against online bullying TONIGHT supported by Dandenong Hyundai.

You can watch the whole thing right here!