Last year was definitely a wild ride. But now that 2021 is here, I’ve decided that I’m going to make the switch to be healthier.

My starting point has been super easy. I’m switching to Vitasoy Whole, which is plant-based, low in sugar, and extremely delicious.

If you want to switch things up this year, you should join me! This week I’ve chatted with my resident lifestyle guru Laura Byrne on what advice she might have to share.

What Laura said was so true!

“We all know how important exercise is for both the body and mind, but it’s so easy to forget about the benefits of sleeping well. Making sure you are getting at least 7 hours every night at a minimum can have incredible benefits” says Laura.

But Laura also had a warning for future me… “Once you have kids you realise just how life-saving a good night’s sleep is. It pulls you from the depths of feeling like a zombie and sets you up to have more energy.”


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When it comes to making healthy changes, Laura says “I used to want to overhaul everything at once. Go full steam on the fitness bandwagon, sign up for some sort of 6 week challenge, overhaul the diet and cut out sugar, carbs, caffeine and fun.”

“What I realised was that drastic changes are not maintainable, whereas small considered daily changes like going for a 6km walk everyday or drinking water over soft drink have a better accumulative effect on your health and well being.”

“And they’re the types of changes you can commit to everyday.”


I’m going to be chatting to a different person every week to find out more ways that I can make easy healthy decisions, and ask for their advice too, to help me.

Talk soon! PJ xx




You can find Vitasoy Whole in the drinks fridge at your supermarket and convenience store.


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