It seems Pizza Hut is the latest fast food chain to have a hipster makeover, with a brand new menu, design concept and a $1million dollar makeover. They’re trying to tempt us back in with cocktail bars, hardshakes and mojitos in jam jars… we’re listening. 

The new items on the menu include chips, kentucky style BBQ ribs, onion rings and warm waffles! But don’t worry the pizzas, ice-cream and salad bars will remain – there’s only so much we can take. 

The first of their restaurants to have the revamp was The Strand in London. This restaurant has a cocktail bar with bartenders running customers through the history of cocktail making. 

They’re offering raspberry, blueberry, exotic acai berry, southern comfort and lethal southern punch as well as the usual cider, beer and wine. 


As well as “hardshakes”, including strawberry cheesecake, strawberry ice cream, SoCo – salted caramel and honeycomb ice cream. 

Their design concept is following the look and feel of an old-school diner, with oak flooring and red leather booths. 

Fast food chains have been doing a lot of experimenting lately in an attempt to keep with with new trends. We have seen similar revamps to Pizza Hut’s with KFC and McDonalds. 

We’re hoping this new style will make its way to Australia. 


Source: Pizza Hut

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