My Kitchen Rules host Pete Evans has come under fire for telling his Facebook followers that wearing sunscreen was a ‘’recipe for disaster.’’

During one of his regular question and answer sessions on Facebook, a user asked Evans what he wears in the sun, to which he answered ‘’generally nothing as I keep an all over tan all year.’’

He continued to say ‘’People put on normal chemical sunscreen then lay out in the sun for hours on end and think that they are safe because they have covered themselves in poisonous chemicals.’’

Users turned on Evans pretty quickly afterwards saying ‘’All the healthy foods in the world won’t help if you develop melanoma!’’ Kathy Brunckhorst said.


Since the backlash, Evans has taken to Facebook to fend of the backlash and reiterate his product preference.

The chef said ‘’Someone asked me the other day about sunscreens and I said I don’t really use them as I keep an all year tan by going in the sun as often as I can without burning, however when I go surfing… I use a product called Surf Mud which is the least toxic product I have managed to find so far.’’

He also confirmed that he has a skin check ‘’every year’’.

The Cancer Council’s director of education Terry Slevin condemned the comments saying ‘’he science is clear, increased ­exposure to UV radiation equals an increased risk of skin cancer and this is from people who have been researching this for decades.’’


There have been no further from comments.

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