You thought Yanny vs. Laurel was irritating? What about the whole blue dress/gold dress debate? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The ‘perpetual diamond’ optical illusion was designed by researchers to test how the brain can be deceived by contrast, and it’s breaking our brains. 

The illusion shows a diamond moving across the screen. Sounds simple, yeah? Nope! The diamond isn’t moving at all. It’s staying in the same position the entire time, tricking our brain into believe it’s on the move. 

Give it a go – 

You see it moving, don’t you? Well, it isn’t… at all!

The project has been published in the i-Perception journal, claiming that the motion is “generated entirely by changing contrast signals between the edge strips and background”. 


In layman’s terms, the diamond’s movement is mimicked by alternating the contrast between the strips around the diamond’s edges and its background. These shifts in contrast create the perception of motion. Therefore, the motion of it going up is created by the two top edges blinking between black and white, while the two bottom edges do the opposite.

Want to be freaked out even more? Give the ‘distance check’ a try! Try walking away from your screen and see how far you can go before the illusion disappears. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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