The new Finding Dory trailer has sparked a heated online debate over speculation the children’s film features a lesbian couple.

You could miss it in a blink-of-an-eye but a brief scene in the new Finding Dory trailer has got everybody talking about what could be a first for Disney Pixar.

Just over a minute into the clip a toddler is pictured dropping her bottle after being knocked by a stroller.

One of two women picks up the cup saying: “Poor baby, let me get that for you.”

The scene runs for less than five seconds but was enough to spark heated opinions from viewers.

“Pixar you’ve lost our family’s support. We don’t support the sexualization of children’s movies or the sexualization of society at large, and we will not be seeing this,” Krystine Kercher said on Facebook.


“It’s a kids movie!! Won’t be seeing this or allowing my kids to watch this bulls***. Do not give a damn what message they are preaching,” another added.

While some criticised the film’s trailer others were pleased with the concept but were concerned that the two women were automatically stereotyped as being lesbians.

“If this is a lesbian couple, great! Way to move forward into the 21st century,” Lonnie Gleason said.

“But aside from the stereotype that two women must be lesbian when seen together, which is wrong, there’s nothing here to suggest lesbianism.”

Hannah Tallman added: “I’m confused about how featuring a lesbian couple, or any member of the LGBTQ community is `promoting’ homosexuality or `indoctrinating’ anyone.”


“Anyway, it’s a f***ing cartoon. Get over it. In case you forgot, Dory is voiced by a very popular lesbian.”

Finding Dory is directed by Andrew Stanton and features the voice of popular television host Ellen DeGeneres as the forgetful blue fish.

The film is due to hit Australian cinemas on June 17.


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