A National Geographic meets Jerry Springer scenario has miraculously played out in the wild. National Geographic’s cameras managed to capture the moment a penguin came home to find his penguin wife cheating on him with a ‘homewrecker’.

The shocking vision shows ‘Mr Penguin’ flip out after discovering his wife with a ‘homewrecker’… and boy does he dish out a major smack down.

The video has since gone viral, being retweeted over 100,000 times. It’s shocked social media users for two reasons – Who knew there were home wrecker penguins? And who knew they could fight like that! According to the narrator penguins can be very vicious and have the ability to hit one another around 8 times a second.

After fighting for what seemed like hours, Mrs Penguin made the final decision after hearing both penguins mating cries. Sadly Mrs Penguin chose to shack up with the homewrecker… normally just how a Jerry Springer episode ends.


While Mr Penguin may not have got the girl, he won a legion of fans in the process.