It seems there’s no drawing the line when it comes to Paul Rudd pulling pranks.

After Rudd revealed he loved to prank I Love You, Man co-star, Jason Segel, while on the press circuit, Conan O’Brien decided to press for more details.

And according to Segel, Rudd has no shame when it comes to his bathroom pranks.

“Sometimes I’d walk into a bathroom and he’d be standing there, among other grown men, with his pants and underwear down around his ankles like a little boy peeing,” he said.

“He does another one where he slowly starts taking steps backward as he’s in the urinal… so eventually he’s quite far away.

“And then sometimes we’re at the urinal together and there’s other people around and he’ll just go like this ‘nice penis’.”

Sounds like a scene that could come straight out of one of their movies!

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