Locky Gilbert from Survivor Australia fame has been announced today as our new Bachelor for 2020!

Ahead of filming starting for his new season, Locky stopped by the Kyle and Jackie O show for his first interview to tell us everything we need to know about his journey to find love.

Including what he’s looking for in a lady and why he said yes to taking on the pretty difficult job of Bachelor!

Locky told us that when The Bachelor producers came knocking, he was instantly prepared to put everything on the line for love.

“When they did ask you, was it a yes straight away for you?” Jackie asked Locky this morning.


“Yeah! I just had to find out if I had anything on or if I could actually do the show but yeah, it was a yes,” Locky told us. “How many times do you get that opportunity?”

“It’s going to be insane but my life’s pretty adventurous and so this is going to be a crazy adventure as well.”

As for what he’s looking for in a girl, Locky told us that he’s had a type in the past but he’s going to go into this experience with an open mind.

“I’m kind of coming in it with an open mind, like I have tended to go for one kind of girl but I just want to go in like, you never get this experience. Like how many times do you have 20 odd girls picked for you?


“So I’m just going to be open to everything and just try to connect on a personal level and stuff like that first.”

Being 30 and still single, he also added, “I want to find someone I can marry”.

While Locky told us he’s not going into the mansion with hopes of a particular type of girl, he did admit that he wants a girl who’s a little adventurous and is open to trying new things.

“I”m pretty sure the dates and stuff are going to be pretty hectic. I want to be skydiving and scuba diving,” Locky told us.

“She doesn’t have to be like, ‘Oh I want to do this’ but she just has to be willing to give it a go. You can do it once and be like, ‘Nope I hate that’. But if she says, ‘No I’m going to stay home. I’m not going to do this’, like you’ve got to be outgoing.”

As for when we can expect the season to air or even start filming, Locky said that even he’s still in the dark.


“When do you start filming?” Jackie asked.

“I’m still in the dark as well,” he admitted. “They’re just like, just suit me up, look good and smile and wave.

No doubt filming is due to start soon though as in the past Bachie has typically started airing around August. So not too long to wait Bachie fans!

Listen to our full chat with our 2020 Bachelor Locky in the podcast below!

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