In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, Taylor Swift and her ex Calvin Harris have made international headlines… Calvin Harris’ new song ‘This Is What You Came For’ (ft. Rihanna) was partly written by Taylor and has her minor vocals.

The couple decided she would go under another name… In an interview Calvin was asked if him and his now ex would ever do music together and he said he wouldn’t… Well that didn’t go down too well with camp Taylor… her people apparently told People magazine the secret Calvin and Taylor had kept for a while; that they both worked on that song.

Calvin went on a twitter rant and even bought up Taylor’s arch-nemesis Katy Perry by suggesting she was trying to “bury” him like he had done with her.

NOW Demi Lovato has made headlines with one simple gesture, after Calvin went on the twitter rant, she decided to follow him. Exactly one day after it all went public.


One observant Demi Lovato fan noted the follow and shared the news on social media. Celebrities know when under the spotlight, simple follows, likes and retweets mean EVERYTHING.

Just ask Katy Perry who herself retweeted her own tweet from last year after the Calvin twitter rant, hers said “Time, the ultimate truth teller”. Ouch! Things are STEAMING UP!

Are you team Taylor or team Calvin?

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