Osher Gunsberg certainly is the ultimate TV host, but today we think a little bit of baby brain got the better of him…

Osher joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning ahead of The Bachelorette finale week when he accidentally revealed some top secret information.

We’re pretty sure the long running host of the reality TV show accidentally told us one of the guys in Angie Kent’s final two – which doesn’t actually air until tomorrow night!

Basically what happened is that Jackie was asking Osher about the ad for the second last episode tonight, where Angie has to choose between Carlin, Ryan and Timm to take on to the final episode.


It then became very apparent during Osher’s answer that he thought we were talking about tomorrow night’s episode, as he began chatting about the final two being very different from each other.

“Are we going to be shocked with who goes tonight?” Jackie asked innocently.

“Well look, I’m honestly not going to tell you anything Jackie,” Osher began. Oh Osher… That was his downfall, starting off by basically saying ‘No spoilers here guys’ before going on to reveal absolute spoilers!

“But it is the finale, it’s the final moment of Angie’s journey… She’s been one hundred percent honest, she’s been super open to everything and really emotionally what you see on screen are one hundred percent real,” he continued.

“She had quite a tumultuous time toward the end of it. And tonight, that’s the tears you see. She’s torn, it’s the classic choice. It’s not like in other years where we have two kind of similar kind of people at the very end, these are two very different…”


And then he was cut off. Gone. Poof! Sort of like his phone cut out but more likely like a publicist went ’Sh*t Osher’s about to spoil the ending! Cut him off!’.

Of course, Osher mentioned no names, but immediately we here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show were able to work out that really the only “different” guy is Timm.

So when he’s talking about “these are two very different” guys, we’re assuming that one of these guys has got to be Timm.

“He thinks it’s the final tonight,” Jackie said. “Coz he said these two are very different people, which would imply Timm is maybe in the final.”

“Maybe he got cut off by Channel 10,” Brooklyn added.

Eventually Osher joined us back on the phone and he couldn’t stop laughing. He admitted that being a new dad really has gotten the better of him.


“Hang on what even day is it?” Osher asked. “I did get confused I thought it was the wrong day.

“I’ve got a newborn I’m sleeping 75 minutes at a time,” he added with a laugh.

Oh dear, poor Osher! We definitely reckon Timm is one hundred percent in the final two though. And if we had to guess, we’d say Ryan is the other one there with him…

Let’s see if our prediction comes true! The Bachelorette finale week starts tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.


Listen to our full chat with Osher in the video above!

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