So no one told you life was gonna be this way… One of the child actors, and by child actor we meant a legit baby, from the TV show FRIENDS has just reappeared as she’s all grown up and become TikTok famous!

Remember when Phoebe Buffay gave birth to her brother’s triplets on the infamous sitcom? (Yeah, we know there was some pretty crazy storylines on this show)

Well one of the triplets is now appearing on the small screen, popping up in everyone’s TikTok feeds.

Her name is Alexandria Cimoch (or Alexis Cimoch on the social media app) and she actually posted a TikTok about her childhood fame.

“yes… I was on friends,” Alexis wrote on the caption for the short video.


In it she has the iconic FRIENDS theme song playing in the background as she shares photos of her with Phoebe, Chandler and her other triplet siblings.

At the beginning Alexis answers a quick Q&A answering ‘yes’ to the questions, “Was I on a famous TV as a baby?” and “was I one of the phoebes triplets on friends?”.

Of course she’s all grown up now and users were quick to comment on her video just how much she actually looks like her TV birth mumma Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow.


“And now you kinda look like phoebe!” wrote one user.

“This is so iconic, and you even look kind of like Lisa Kudrow now!?” said another.

Wanna now how this can get even more iconic? Alexis is actually a QUADRIPLET in real life, and the three babies on FRIENDS were actually played by all four of the siblings.

What a cool family!


Honestly though this just makes us mad at our own parents for not making us famous on a TV show when we were a baby… WTF is with that mum and dad, I was ADORABLE and would’ve made a great addition to the FRIENDS cast!

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