The Bachelor might bring the reality TV goods, but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the more light and fluffy of the dating shows out there (i.e you’re generally not going to have fruit bowl breaking and red wine throwing here)

But based off this promo video, the upcoming season of The Bachelor sounds more like an episode of MAFS!

In a shocking teaser that’s left our jaw literally on the ground it seems that we’ve found a winner for the BIGGEST Bachie villain yet – and we’re calling this before the season has even begun!

Forget your Keira’s and you Cat’s from Bali, one girl on this season takes things NEXT level, calling our Bachelor Matt Agnew the C-WORD in an action packed trailer.

The moment takes place about a minute in, showing one of the girls sitting down with Matt and telling him that one of the other girls had been bagging him out behind his back with some pretty foul language.


“She said that you were a dog ****,” the girl says.

“And a disrespectful pig,” she concluded.

The look on Matt’s face is pure FURY and can you blame him?

“I have to grab her and see if we can sort this out,” Matt says in a piece-to-camera.

Matt then walks up and interrupts a blonde woman’s piece to camera just as she’s saying, “I don’t want to change for anyone”.

We can’t tell exactly who it is yet seeing as there’s about half a dozen blondes in the cast or whether this is the girl who called him names.


We’re guessing that Matt then asks the girl in question to leave the mansion, and the other girls seem to be VERY happy about it.

“Bye bitch! That bitch is gone,” says one of the girls.

HOOLEY BLOODY DOOLEY! This season is packing on the drama before it’s even begun! Get your wine ready ladies, this is going to be a INSANE!

Check it out for yourself in the video above.

The Bachelor premieres TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday 31st) at 7:30PM on Channel 10.

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