One Direction are not getting back together and it’s not only Zayn who is the only one deserting the ranks.

According to sources the boys are all enjoying their seperate lives and have no desire to tour again.

The source went on to say that if they were to tour again, there is no hope of it happening this side of 2020.

The Daily Star reports that Louis and Harry are no longer on speaking terms after a fall out.

Harry is hard at work on his debut album and is said to not be open for talks until at least 2019.

A source told the Star ”One Direction are not coming together n a year or even two. The fans have hoped that the group would honour their announcement of returning within 12 months but it’s a long way off and the boys are not even on track to mention a comeback. All four are loving their solo freedom.”

They continue to say ”To make matters worse, Louis and Harry are not even speaking as tensions run high between them.”


Neither One Direction nor their management have spoken about the story. 

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