The show we either watch in awe or through parted fingers, One Born Every Minute, is getting an Australian version!

Channel 10 will commission the Aussie version of the UK series which, through about 40 remote cameras, captures every moment of a maternity hospital, from the reception desk to the birthing pool to the neo-natal ward.

From no-nonsense nurses to first-time mums and anxious dads, each episode follows couples from the time they rock up to the hospital to the time they leave with their fresh little bundle of joy – and the amazing staff that supported them along the way.

“We have seen our audiences really embrace and enjoy an insight into the world of genuinely amazing Australians including paramedics and life-guards so having the opportunity to now get close to the incredible and dedicated teams who help us through childbirth is not only thrilling but is a real privilege and a series we believe will be very special,” Network 10 Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey said.

Filming will start in Sydney the coming months.

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