An obese Aussie Mum who was wearing x5XL men’s clothing and who weighed 140 kilos has shed a MASSIVE amount of weight.

And she says she managed to do it by changing two simple things.

Mother of two Sheryl Brown, from Victoria, says her diet was extremly unhealthy and she could no longer fit into women’s clothing so she decided she needed to make a change.

“It was really embarrassing knowing I had to wear men’s clothing and it left me feeling completely inferior to everyone else.’ Ms Brown said.

I’d gotten so large while studying in America where I’d eat donuts, Danishes – anything sweet, then sloppy joes to corn dogs to pizza. I never really ate any fruit – everything was quick convenient food.”


Then back at home I’d easily eat eight Weetbix and then two pieces of toast smothered in Vegemite for breakfast.”

Sheryl knew things had to change so she started following a diet that was 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent unhealthy and she also began to walk a whopping 50 kilometers a week.

Three years ago Sheryl reached a healthy 63 kilos, signifying a 76 kilo weight loss in total.

However because the Vic Mum lost such a drastic amount of weight she was left with saggy skin, and after 400 sit ups every day didn’t help tone her stomach she decided to get a tummy tuck, to help boost her confidence.


The mum of two now follows a much healthier diet and has bundles more energy!

Source Daily Mail

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