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A New Zealand current affairs program was forced to apologise for showing female genitalia during a live cross – but the station has had no official complaints.

New Zealand’s broadcasting watchdog has yet to receive a complaint after TV3’s current affairs program Story broadcast a close-up shot of a woman’s crotch during a live cross.

Viewers copped an eyeful when a naked waitress at Hamilton restaurant walked in front of a camera during a live broadcast for a segment about nude dining on Wednesday evening.

The camera caught a close-up of the woman’s crotch which was not obscured or blurred. It prompted an apology from co-host Duncan Garner later in the program.

While several viewers complained on Story’s Facebook page following the blunder, the Broadcasting Standards Authority is yet to receive any formal or informal complaints.


“Thanks story, my kids just seen things they didn’t wish to see…and I didn’t wish to explain just yet… bravo!” Lititia Buckman wrote on Wednesday evening.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves showing a womans vagina at this time of night. Your cameraman and presenters should know better. Disgusting journalism,” Chris Matthews wrote.

Although the authority has not heard from the general public yet, its spokesperson said it was unlikely to receive any correspondence until after the complainant took their concerns to MediaWorks directly.

If they were unhappy with MediaWorks’ reply, they can then contact the authority. MediaWorks has been approached for comment.


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