When news broke that Nicole Scherzinger was dating Ed Sheeran, who is 13 years her junior, everyone kind of gasped a little. Not because of the age gap, but because they just seem like a traditional match – her ex is professional race car driver – and all round SPUNK) Lewis Hamilton.

It was reported that the pair started getting close and heading out to dates at Pizza Express and even Ed’s favourite local pub (Go, Ed!)

However, just as quickly as it started it’s now been reported that it’s all over red rover.

A source explained to the Mirror that, “They were never serious and it’s now old news.” So that’s that.

Scherzinger though decided to poke some fun at the whole situation on her Instagram page, giving a short, heartfelt performance of Sheeran’s hit single Thinking Out Loud.

She even added the caption, “#TotesEmosh (Totally Emotional) That @teddysphotos and I broke up today #OrangeIsntTheNewBlackAnymore #ScherzyLosesItAfterSheeranBreakUp #NoMoreSheerzinger”.


Source: UNILAD

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