While we try to get our heads wrapped around the odd pairing of Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz, here’s another puzzling Hollywood couple that almost happened – Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon. 

Kidman, who appeared on Fallon’s The Tonight Show, revealed the pair had been on an awkward date before they both married their respective partners. But Fallon apparently didn’t realise he was on a date with the Hollywood actress.

Watch the hilarious chat between the two here:

“I just remember I liked you .. .not now, I’m married now,” Kidman told an incredulous Fallon.

The talk show host said he remembered it as more of a business meeting set up by a mutual friend. Fallon thought he was being considered for a part in Kidman’s film, Bewitched.

“What are you talking about? Did I date Nicole Kidman? Was that a date?” Fallon said, before crawling under his desk with embarrassment.


“I didn’t know this was a thing, I thought it was about a movie,” he said. Kidman continued to make the host squirm by telling him he wore a baseball cap and sweat pants, and even put on a video game at one stage during their date.

“And you didn’t talk much at all,” she said. “So after about an hour and a half I say `he has no interest this is so embarrassing’.”

Kidman says the lacklustre meeting even led her to contemplate Fallon’s sexuality.

“And then I left and I was like `no chemistry’ and then I was like `maybe he’s gay’?” the actress said. Fallon claims he had “no clue” it was meant to be a date.

“You made a much better decision. Keith Urban is so much cooler than I am,” he said of Kidman’s country singer husband. AAP

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