WIN News Reader Lincoln Humphries has upset a lot of people with a controversial rant, voicing his opinion on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and then some.

Humphries shut down the concept of the ice bucket challenge by insinuating it was a waste of water, then discussed sharing the charity love by not “putting yourself through mild discomfort with a bucket of iced water”.

Humphries then goes on to “nominate everyone everywhere” to get involved with a bunch of charities which he believes deserves the cash injections more…

After receiving a lot of backlash on social media, Humphries responded.

“I’m sorry if my video caused any offence. The opinions are my own and not those of my company; using their resources as a soap box was a gross error of judgment. Project ALS has raised so much awareness and funding it’s impossible not to be impressed by what they have achieved. I sincerely hope that breakthroughs are made; or that people’s suffering can be in some way lessened with any advancements this funding can help to make. It’s the select individuals doing ‘the ice bucket’ challenge with no heed or consideration of what it was originally intended for. I just want everyone to give what they can to anyone they deem in need of it most. I’m sorry if I didn’t originally make that clear.”

Watch (and cringe) above…

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